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“SaleHoo saved me from endless time-consuming research. It’s just what I needed to start selling online.”

Chris Gould, USA
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Since 2005 SaleHoo has helped over 137,000 people just
like you start and grow their online business.

SaleHoo is an easy-to-use tool that helps online sellers find profitable products
from certified, low-cost suppliers.


Here's how it works

Step 1

Find ideas for profitable, in-demand products by using our Market Research Labs.

Step 2

Use the SaleHoo Directory to find trustworthy, low-cost suppliers who stock your chosen product.

Step 3

Contact suppliers to get your new product at the lowest cost so you can resell it at a huge profit!

And the best part?

You'll have unlimited training and award-winning support every step of the way.
All backed by a 60 day, money-back guarantee.

SaleHoo is everything you need to organize product and
supplier information in one place.

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SaleHoo Market Research Labs

Discover and Compare Profitable Product Ideas

  • Spot hot-selling trends and in-demand products before anyone else does.
  • Discover which products have the highest profit margins and sell-through rates.
  • Find lucrative product ideas and low-cost suppliers who stock them.

“The Labs tool helped me find products and a great local supplier for my dropshipping business. ”

Linda Minotto


SaleHoo Supplier Directory

Quickly Find Trustworthy Dropshipping and Wholesale Suppliers

  • Set specific search criteria to quickly filter through over 8,000 local and global suppliers.
  • Organize supplier details and safely negotiate the lowest cost for your products with no minimum orders.
  • Get insider deals from suppliers - only available to SaleHoo members.

“Their customer support is outstanding, and their site provides lists of fabulous suppliers that I haven't found just "googling.”

Lindsey Ovadia Holm
United States of America


Smart Seller Training

Get a World-Class Education in Sourcing and Selling Online

  • Help for beginners with our Ecommerce Glossary, video tutorials, and online selling guides.
  • Step-by-step training on dropshipping, finding products, choosing suppliers, and more!
  • Learn from other successful sellers and fast-track your success in our online community.

“Finally an online company that’s interested in you and your success. After working with many online Guru's I've finally found the right company with the right people giving the right answers. I'm blown away by the amount of value I've received, they actually take time to listen and respond to your needs.”

Marco Ziervogel


Award-Winning Support

With SaleHoo Support - You Never Sell Alone!

  • Access unlimited one-on-one support via phone, email, live chat, and Facebook.
  • Get help beyond the basics with our tradeshow directory, online store builder, and research concierge service.
  • Say goodbye to confusing dashboards. SaleHoo is simple, friendly, and easy to use!

“What I learned from my short experience with SaleHoo is that SaleHoo isn't just a website, but a community of support staff aching and practically begging to help you succeed.”

Tom Ainge-Roy
New Zealand

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We know you’ll love SaleHoo, which is why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee!
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Community Forum

Our users love having experts on-tap! With the SaleHoo community, you’ll have help every step of the way.

Unlimited Support

We treat our users like family - building genuine relationships with our customers, suppliers and community.

Step-by-Step Training

Get help where you need it most - setting up your online store, choosing a product, or finding a supplier you can trust.

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Carolyn Newsom, US

"Within a year of using SaleHoo, Carolyn and Bootsie had grown Bootsie’s Boutique from earning a few hundred dollars a month to more than $50,000 a year."

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Laura Sherman
Published October 9, 2020
SaleHoo A needle in a haystack

Going through Google to find a good company to drop ship of give honest information about the process is a needle in a haystack. SaleHoo is loaded with how to information along with pros and cons.

Theresa Dawn Formby
Published July 18, 2020
I definitely recommend SaleHoo

I definitely reccomend betterhelp if you have a super busy schedule. I used it for about a month and had to stop for financial reasons. My counselor was awesome. I like the virtual aspect of it.

Damian Duma
Published October 25, 2019
Definitely best in class

If you are looking to create a successful business online SaleHoo should be your #1 spot! They have the best selection of traditional and dropshipping wholesalers you can find.

Alejandro Vizcaino
Published November 6, 2017
Amazing company definitely

To use saleshoo directory was an amazing experience, the technical support and the assistant of the chat are wonderful and with a clear intention to serve, so I proudly recommend to enjoy them, thank you for the space and help.

Kaylee Larson
Published April 20, 2017
This company "ROCKS" because of the …

This company "ROCKS" because of the great and fast customer service it offers. It has many resources for dropshipping and other wholesale needs. I'm always uncertain if companies I sign up for are going to be legit, this one definitely is; and so far a good one. Worth the money.

Bobby Marinus Van Peenen
Published September 19, 2017
Customer service is absolutely first class!

The customer service is absolutely top notch! I got responded back to immediately with the help I needed. A real person was exactly what I needed because no computer generated program could have assisted me and this type of support is beyond appreciated.

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