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213 of the Best Inspirational Quotes from Business Entrepreneurs & Leaders

By on November 4 2021

An entrepreneur is someone who finds new solutions to old problems at every corner. They hunger to improve the world around them. In this field, effort equals reward, and those who are the most consistent and persistent will be most likely to realise their business goals. What’s inside? [ show hide ] Entrepreneur Quotes ...

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Shopify Markets Review: The Best Platform for Cross-Border Sellers?

Shopify has rolled out the early access of Shopify Markets to help merchants sell to new audiences. Before Shopify Markets, you needed to sell on a marketplace or partner with a third-party retailer to reach international customers. Shopify Markets enable you to sell to international consumers and avoid complex issues around currency conversion, import duties, local payment methods, and language translation. ...

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Top 15 eCommerce Training Courses to Boost Your Dropshipping Business (Free & Paid)

E-commerce is booming. Nearly 20% of all retail sales now take place online. If you want to get involved with an exciting, growing industry, e-commerce training is the fastest way to do it. But you need to choose a course that is right for your budget and experience. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best e-commerce training courses in 2021. We’ll also cover the benefits of e-commerce training and what to look for in a course. By the time you finish...

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A Complete Guide to eCommerce Optimization (2022)

So, you’ve launched an online business venture, huh? That’s great.  Whether it’s dropshipping, Amazon Affiliate marketing, info products, Software as a Service (SaaS), or whichever eCommerce venture you’ve embarked on, online is where the riches are these days. While your enterprise might be profitable, I’ve got some good news for you. You can still grow even more. How? Through smart eCommerce optimization. By fine-tuning what you are already...

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Developing a Mindset for Success: The 3 Secrets to Winning with Dropshipping

So you’re interested in dropshipping and making money online…  You’re taking steps towards launching an online store… You’re excited about the prospect of building a business and being your own boss… But you’re afraid of failure and consumed by doubt? I know the feeling because I’ve been where you are.  ...

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100+ Free Presentation Tools: Stock Images, Fonts, Cliparts, & Infographic Sites

Free stock photo websites provide the visual content needs of startup entrepreneurs, bloggers, marketers, designers, journalists, and students who barely have the budget for premium photographs. These image resources are also a good place for photographers and artists to showcase their talent and launch or boost their career. This comprehensive guide explains image licenses, lists down free stock photo...

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22 Free Business Name Generators for Founders (Best of 2022)

Coming up with a unique brand name for your business is no easy task. Your brand name needs to embody your core values as well as your distinguishing characteristics. While also conveying what it is that you sell. And of course, we all want our name to sound cool! Luckily, we don’t have to be creative geniuses to come up with a decent brand name. All we need is a business name generator. In this article, you’ll learn... Post Contents: [ show hide ...

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Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices

Did you know that over three-quarters of online shoppers that place items in a shopping cart go on to abandon that cart before making a purchase? An estimated $4 trillion of merchandise was expected to languish unpurchased in abandoned carts in 2017 alone — that’s a lot of money to leave on the table. People abandon carts for a variety of reasons. 64% were scared off by expensive shipping, while close to half had no intention of making a purchase in the first place — they were just...

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Hacking Productivity: Want to Get More Done in Less Time?

Hacking Productivity: Want to Get More Done in Less Time?   You probably know the old saying “work expands to fill the time available.” It’s true! The number of tasks you have to perform as a seller often expands faster than sales volume, leaving you with little time to get essential tasks done. And what about time for your personal life?   Time management is one of the most essential skills that you can learn. A great way to get more work done is to learn...

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